You can consume the ice cream all year.You can increase your profit with high quality machines. And also It’s growing day by day all over the world.If you have a electricity and one person for responsible, you can make these business where ever you want.

The machine works electrically while keeping it plugged continuously. The machine starts preparing the Ice Cream as you pour the mixture inside it and pressing the button . When Ice Cream reaches its normal thickness the machine stops automatically. However, your Ice Cream is ready for serving after 15 minutes of preparation.

Generally 2 types of freezing mixes located around the world.

*Liquid *Powder

Material of powder used with the sugar and milk. Some types need only with sugar.You need to mix all of them out of the machine. You can put your liquid product to directly on your machine and start immediately. It brings milk and sugar, so you need to keep under the +4 , +5 Celsius degrees. It’s really useful.

We can help you for find a supplier in your country.

Generally , More common products are vanilla and cacao all around the world. It depends to countrıes and regions. You can varied with the many sauces for you vanilla ice cream

These industry has minimum investment with very high incomes can be achieved. It depends the product quality and your place locations. If you start the business in a crowded place, your profit will increase fastly. Especially Mall and central locations are in the right place for this.

First, our sales team will determine the region and the market volume of your location.And then we can find the best machine for your business with together.

As in all service business ,right staff and a smiling face is the most important activity for increase the profit. Especially, your staffs must be clean and must be integrated with the brand.By the way, signage and colorful visuals will be able to increase the sales volume.

It depends of the machine’s hopper capacity and compressor. You can find all details from our technical sheet. When the product decreases in hopper, you can continue to receive uninterrupted product by adding new material.

All the products have different air ratio inside which you serve from the machine.

It has an nearly 30% to 40% air ratio of the products from gravity machine.

Air ratio receive 75% percent in the products from the pump machine. If air ratio is high in your product, ıt provide more profit for per a cup. Mainly so many people like the product which has a more air ratio inside all over the world.

All machines available in market are cleaned manually by hand, but the frequency of cleaning show disagreeable traces. Our machines are equipped with freezers in their upper part. In other words; The remaining Ice Cream is kept inside a sort of a freezer at 4 – 5 degrees, preventing it from generating any kind of bacteria or getting spoiled or rotten. It is enough to clean it once every three days. Actually, if you are not able to finish selling the material you have put inside the machine within three days, means that you have put in storage more than the amount sold. If you put less material, you can add little by little during the selling process. A more detailed demonstration will be shown during the training period. The cleaning process will take you only 15 minutes once every 3 days. In brief, the screen on the machine explains the cleaning method, once pressed it works from 5-10 minutes. The remaining stuff is removed and kept in a special pot. Clean water is poured inside the storage cabinet and the mixers spin the water in order to clean thoroughly the remaining parts. Then the dirty water will be removed away with the other parts in order to be cleaned again with “ Johnson Diver’s “ solution. The removed parts will be remounted in their places.

We have servicing centers in every city our machines exist. So there’s no need to carry the machine anywhere.

Our service department is always ready to open a new branch in any city welcoming our machine for the first time after signing a sales agreement and completing the training period. Training and servicing take place on the same location.

Free service guarantee covers a period of 1 years. However; we never ignore or neglect our customers as we are always prepared to offer our help and find them the appropriate solutions in solving their problems. Thus, our free service is not meant for 1 years only but lasts forever because we are the sole producers of this brand.

Of course, you can. You can visit us and you can test all our machines in our factory.It will be big honor for us.