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A Complete game changer! With the panel PC’s in our new generation machines, we are offering you the unlimited customer’s support and remote access to track all your important data such as your daily sales, cleaning cycles and timetables, pasteurization details and error signals.


Pump System

Thanks to our special pump gear design in the hopper, the air ratio of the ice cream can reach up to % 80 based on to the ingredients, giving the ice cream the smoothest taste. By using less components and easy operation, get the most volume with the least cost.



All components are carefully studied and diagnosed through excessive researches done by our R&D center. We are working with Worlds’ leader suppliers to make sure our machines maintain the highest quality in terms of both reliability and durability! All areas exposed or contacted by food products have special design and are manufactured with food compatible materials.


Inverter Technology

With our Inverter technology, we offer long distance serviceability, adjusting the perfect hardness and secure system against electric fluctuations. In case of voltage fluctuations, the circuit breakers in the technology protects the components from the harm by stopping the electric flow, giving the unit and the parts a longer life. We also offer the option of the triphase motors with monophase plugs for a silence, stable and longer motor life with high tech specifications and easy manuel control of the machine.

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